The Carnegie Corporation of New York has announced a $5 million grant to New York City’s three public library systems: New York,Queens, and Brooklyn.

The grant, which boosts the amount that Carnegie has provided to the city’s public library systems to approximately $15 million over the past fourteen years, will be used to expand services and resources across each system and strengthen the long-standing partnership between the region’s public libraries and public schools. Collectively, the more than two hundred libraries within the three systems provide learning resources, including access to computers and other technology, to more than one million school children.

“There is no greater expression of democracy than a library and no stronger signifier of the potential of our nation to succeed in today’s challenging times,” said Carnegie Corporation president Vartan Gregorian, who led the New York Public Library from 1981 to 1989. “Carnegie Corporation is proud to support New York City’s libraries, which embody Andrew Carnegie’s deep belief in the power of books and learning to change the world.”

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