The award is the third year of support for clinic operations and capacity building, according to BCHC Executive Director Linda Maxon. The award was presented at the center’s December board of directors meeting by Penny Allen, representing OCF.

“We are honored to accept this gift from the Oregon Community Foundation to support our efforts to provide high quality, affordable primary health services for all residents of the area,” Maxon said. “These funds help build our momentum to care for our uninsured and underinsured patients locally, which is our commitment to the community.”

The mission of the Oregon Community Foundation is to improve life in Oregon and promote effective philanthropy. OCF has strongly supported many medical related initiatives throughout the state. Similarly, the mission of Bandon Community Health Center is to provide a caring environment for the delivery of high quality, affordable primary healthcare services.

In 2009, OCF provided BCHC with an initial award of $25,000 for the start-up of the clinic. BCHC again received the same level of financial support in 2010. This third year will mark the last award BCHC is eligible for under this particular OCF grant program, according to Maxon.

BCHC emerged as a certified nonprofit rural health center in January 2010 and provides primary healthcare to all types of patients. The clinic has a large population of privately insured patients, Medicare and Medicaid patients and depends on this revenue stream to support service provided to uninsured patients. “Revenues from these sources in part support the clinic’s sliding scale program where patients receive services as low as $25 a visit,” Maxon explained. “Private donations and grants such as the OCF award help to supplement the revenue stream generated by insured patients, so each time an insured patient is seen at the clinic, they are actually helping support an uninsured patient.

“As a rural health center we do not receive federal subsidies for operating costs.  Every dollar we receive is managed with care to ensure we are good stewards of our clinic financial operations,” Maxon added. “We continue to be very fortunate to have strong community support and foundations like OCF who believe in our work and we are grateful for their partnership.”

The OCF is the leader in Oregon philanthropy, involving thousands of citizens in efforts to improve the state and touching the lives of both rural and urban communities. BCHC was one of eight nonprofit organizations on the South Coast to share in the $58,000 awarded to the area during its recent grant cycle. These grants were part of a total of more than $7.7 million in grants made statewide.

Other South Coast organizations that received support include Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay; the Coos Chapter Society of American Foresters in Coos Bay; the Coos County STEP Commission in Coos Bay; the Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation in Coos Bay; the Women’s Safety and Resource Center in Coos Bay; the Port Orford-Langlois School District 2CJ in Port Orford, $23,000, to upgrade the student health center at the high school with a private exam room, ADA-accessible restroom, lab and private entrance; and the Southern Coos Health Foundation in Bandon.

For more on grants and grant writing, please visit the Grant Pros website.


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