Grantmakers in Minnesota expect giving to remain relatively flat during 2012, a new report from the Minnesota Council on Foundations finds.

According to the council’s 2012 Outlook Report (6 pages, PDF), Minnesota-based foundations and corporations expect their grantmaking in 2012 to be flat to up 1 percent on a year-over-year basis. In addition, 70 percent of the grantmakers surveyed anticipate that their funding priorities will remain unchanged in 2012, an almost ten-point increase over 2011.

For the first time since it began to survey its members, MCF asked grantmakers to estimate changes in giving to the specific subject areas they support. While most of the 104 respondents, representing 76 percent of the grant dollars awarded annually by grantmakers in the state, said they planned no changes to their subject-area giving in 2012, a third of those self-identifying as education funders said they anticipated giving more to education-related organizations this year. Arts, culture, and the humanities, in contrast, was the only category in which more grantmakers said they were likely to cut back on funding rather than increase it.

“Grantmaking stability is a huge plus, especially during times of continuing unpredictability elsewhere,” said MCF president Bill King. “Minnesota philanthropists have been giving well over $1 billion annually for a decade now and have weathered the volatile economy of the past few years with relatively minor fluctuations in their giving.”

For more on this article, please visit the MCF Website.

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