Montgomery County Community College’s Foundation has been awarded two grants from the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation, totaling $23,872.

The first grant, in the amount of $17,969, will be used to continue the College’s successful Service Learning Intern program, first developed in 2008. Through the program, the College collaborates with the Tri-County Community Network and the United Way to identify local non-profit organizations that will benefit from college service learning interns. 

Interns are recruited by the College’s faculty and staff from students enrolled in social science courses, such as human services, sociology and psychology.  Prospective interns go through an application and interview process, and once placed, they are expected to work at their assigned non-profit agency between 11-22 hours per week.

The second grant, in the amount of $5,903, will be used to continue the College’s annual dental sealant program for children in the Pottstown community. The College’s Dental Hygiene program will collaborate with Community Health and Dental Care in Pottstown to provide 35 children ages 6-14 with sealants and fluoride varnish during a half-day program this spring. The children will also be screened for other dental problems and will receive homecare education.

For more on grants and grant writing, please visit Grant Pros.

For the latest RFP’s, please visit 2012 Requests for Proposals.

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