A $9,000 donation by ACES Waste Service last week makes up part of $1.5 million gathered so far from local philanthropic donations toward a $7.3 million expansion project at Sutter Amador Hospital.

The project began in April 2011, and will double the Emergency Department, and add new administration and admitting areas and create a new corridor between the emergency department and the main entrance lobby.

Construction is projected to be completed by the end of this year. Hospital officials said emergency care will not be interrupted during the renovation. Triage rooms have been temporarily relocated to another area of the hospital. A new direct corridor from the hospital to the Outpatient Services Center is already being enjoyed by patients and staff.

Since the current hospital opened in 2000, emergency visits to Sutter Amador Hospital have increased steadily, as has happened all around the country. In 2011, officials said, “our Emergency Department treated over 18,000 people,” an increase of more than 12 percent since 2007. The statistics match nationwide trends. Most emergency departments in the United States are facing an increased demand for services, which in Amador County was fueled by an aging population, growing numbers of un-insured or under-insured patients, and a lack of alternatives for after-hours medical care.

Hospital officials said: “In preparation for our Emergency Department expansion, we opened Sutter Amador Outpatient Services in 2007. This 48,000 square-foot facility allowed us to expand our outpatient services while freeing up space in the main hospital building for the Emergency Department.”

The Emergency Department expansion will increase comfort, speed and safety by doubling the Emergency Department. It will improve privacy for patients, and improve physician and staff satisfaction and boost community confidence.

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