The California Institute of the Arts has announced a $1.3 million grant from the Herb Alpert Foundation to expand an arts scholarship program hosted by the institute and administered by California State Summer School for the Arts, boosting the foundation’s total commitment to the program to $2.4 million.

The grant will enable CSSSA to broaden the Herb Alpert Scholarships for Emerging Young Artists program from six to seven scholarship areas — animation, creative writing, dance, film, music, theatre, and visual arts — while benefitting an additional three students per year. Through the program, CSSSA program directors in each discipline select a first-place winner to receive a $40,000 college scholarship and two runners-up to receive $2,500 each.

Since the arts camp program was established by CSSSA in 1987, five hundred teenagers, primarily from California, have attended. Upon completion, participating students are named California Arts Scholars and are awarded the California Arts Scholar Medallion. In addition to the Alpert scholarships, the foundation provides an additional $30,000 each year to help underserved students attend the prestigious summer training program.

“We launched this…scholarship program in 2008 in collaboration with CSSSA and have been thrilled to see the powerful impact it has made on so many aspiring, talented and motivated young artists,” said Herb Alpert Foundation president Rona Sebastian. “We have now decided to renew our support and expand the program to embrace seven disciplines — splitting film and animation into separate divisions.”

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