The Council of Independent Colleges has selected The John R. Oishei Foundation as the recipient of the 2012 Award for Philanthropy, in part because of its involvement in the creation of the Western New York Consortium of Higher Education.

Foundation President Robert Gioia accepted the award during the CIC’s annual banquet in Florida, the foundation said this week. The CIC is a national association founded in 1956 that represents 620-plus non-profit independent colleges and universities.

A three-year $500,000 grant from the foundation supported the consortium’s launch in recent years as a cohesive group of area colleges and universities, as well as its study of the role of higher education in Western New York. The study, undertaken by the University at Buffalo Regional Institute, found that higher education in Western New York creates a $3.2 billion annual economic impact — $2 million spent directly by the institutions, their students and their visitors and another $1.2 billion “ripple effect” as the dollars move through the local economy.

The foundation joins a list of previous award winners that includes the Ford Foundation , The Williams Randolf Hearst Foundation, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and The Walmart Foundation.

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