The William Penn Foundation has announced thirty-seven grants totaling approximately $16 million in support of organizations and projects in the greater Philadelphia region.

The grants include more than $1 million to the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children to continue its work on a business model that helps childcare providers share back-office services, harness their collective buying power, and manage administrative tasks more efficiently; $610,000 to the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival for general operating support and the continued development of its new home in an historic water department building; and $300,000 to the Philadelphia Schools Project, which aims to boot the number of high-quality schools serving the city’s students.

In addition, the foundation awarded $1.2 million to Drexel University to help underwrite the costs of the university’s merger with the Academy of Natural Sciences and to help create a department of biodiversity, earth, and environmental sciences that will provide significant support for the integration of the two institutions.

William Penn Foundation president and CEO Jeremy Nowak called the alliance “a brilliant example of two institutions that have found common purpose in adapting to the changing realities of the economy. [The foundation is eager to see the merger succeed because] it holds great promise not only for Drexel and the academy, but also as a model for our region’s nonprofit organizations.”

For a complete list of grantees visit the William Penn Foundation Web site.

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