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The American Legacy Foundation has announced the 2012 Legacy Tobacco Industry Documents Awards program, which includes the Sybil G. Jacobs Award for Outstanding Use of Tobacco Industry Documents and the Christine O. Gregoire Youth/Young Adult Award for Outstanding Use of Tobacco Industry Documents (for individuals 24 years of age or younger).

These awards recognize youth and adults who have made a significant and well-recognized contribution to the health of the public in the recent past through use of tobacco documents. The awards honor innovation in the use and application of tobacco industry documents to further the goals of tobacco prevention and control in order to help build a world where young people reject tobacco and anyone can quit.

Those nominated should be individuals who have made a notable impact through innovative use of tobacco industry documents as applied to research, policy, or advocacy. At least one of the following two criteria must be met by the nominated individual: nominees must have made a remarkable research, policy, or advocacy contribution to the cause of reducing tobacco use in the United States through the use of tobacco industry documents; and/or nominees must have employed innovative, creative approaches to the employment of tobacco industry documents that result in an improvement in public health or awareness in the U.S. or in one of its states or localities.

Nominees must not have any affiliation with the tobacco industry. Nominees for the Christine O. Gregoire Youth/Young Adult Award must be 24 years of age or younger.

Any individual meeting the eligibility criteria may be nominated, including but not limited to educators, social workers, documents researchers, public health practitioners, legal researchers, grassroots organizers, activists, lawyers, academic and scientific researchers, government officials, physicians, and staff of community-based organizations.

Nominations may be made by individuals such as colleagues, peers, co-workers, instructors/professors, governments, or community-based organizations that are qualified to make such a nomination because of their familiarity with the nominee’s work and contribution.

The awards will be presented at the National Conference on Tobacco or Health to be held August 15-17, 2012, in Kansas City, Missouri. Each recipient will receive a cash award (given to the recipient or an organization upon the recipient’s request).

Visit the Legacy Website for complete program information and nomination guidelines.

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