Women have always stood at the forefront of social change, and have demonstrated powerful impact around the most critical social issues. Women are increasingly getting involved at all levels of changemaking to address society’s unsolved problems that affect everyone (not just women).

Ashoka Changemakers will give you access to the most promising women changemakers from all over the world on March 6, 2012 during the Twitter-based #SocEntSummit at #ChangemakeHERS, setting the stage for International Women’s Day (celebrated every year on March 8). This online event offers opportunities to share ideas and knowledge, and build collaborative partnerships for co-creating women-led change.

Ashoka Changemakers is the world’s leading online community for social entrepreneurs that is building a changemaking ecosystem. The#ChangemakeHERS #SocEntSummit, hosted by @changemakers (twitter handle of Ashoka Changemakers) provides a twitter-based forum where women changemakers can continue dialoguing and sharing their ideas, thoughts, and impact throughout the year (using the hashtag #ChangemakeHERS).

All the content posted with hashtag #ChangemakeHERS will be summarized each month in a blogpost at ChangeWire will feature the best women changemaker twitter accounts, the most popular tweets (with maximum retweets), and the posts most regularly using the #changemakeHERS hashtag. Each month, the top #ChangemakeHERS twitter participant will be interviewed on the Changemakers blog and will win in-kind prizes.

The agenda for the #SocEntSummit on #ChangemakeHERS will be posted shortly.


What is #SocEntSummit and how does it work?

A #SocEntSummit is a real-time, Twitter-based discussion about social entrepreneurship that focuses on specific issues, areas, themes, and events for a period of 3 – 6 hours. It is designed for current and aspiring social entrepreneurs, funders, journalists, and supporters to share ideas, discuss the state of the field, identify the latest innovations, and pinpoint areas requiring deeper exploration through online media.

You can join the #SocEntSummit anytime during the event, using your twitter account—if you aren’t on Twitter yet, visit to sign up. Registration is quick and free.

Here are a few simple steps to join the chat:

  1. Visit TweetChat at
  2. Click on “Sign in,” and enter your Twitter account name and password. Authorize TweetChat by clicking on “Authorize app,” when prompted.
  3. In the box marked “Enter hashtag to follow,” type #SocEntSummit.
  4. Click “Go” and join the conversation!

Hashtags are Twitter’s way to set apart keywords, messages, or topics in any given conversation. Once you’re following the #SocEntSummit hashtag, you will be able to see every tweet from the event, even if you’re not yet following any users on Twitter.


Before the  event begins, @changemakers will notify followers, listeners, and participants that the #SocEntSummit is underway. Participants will be asked to introduce themselves. After a few quick introductions, @changemakers will start the moderated session.

Enter the discussion at any time, just be sure to include the #SocEntSummit hashtag, otherwise your tweet will not be seen by other chat participants. (If you’re using an application like TweetChat, you can type your message without worrying about adding the #SocEntSummit hashtag—many programs will do it for you automatically!)

Please do invite your friends, colleagues, or allies who are interested in, or belong to, the women changemaking space. Share this blog post on Facebook, or spread the word on Twitter. Here is a sample tweet:

Join @changemakers on March 6, 2012 from 1-5 p.m. IST for an intriguing #SocEntSummit on #changemakeHERS! Spread the word & save the date!

We will acknowledge all our #SocEntSummit partners for this event during the #SocEntSummit. All partners are asked to extensively promote the event, attracting participants who will enrich the discussion. One of our prime #SocEnt partners will co-moderate the discussion. To be our prime #SocEnt partner, please contact Indrani Sharma at

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