Ronald McDonald House Charities in Oak Brook, Illinois, has announced nine grants totaling $2.3 million to organizations working to improve children’s health and well-being in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States.

Grants ranging from $23,000 to $454,312 were awarded to organizations that use a “train the trainer” model to help ensure a direct, measurable effect on children. The organizations will use their grants to help mothers and children in rural Guatemala and Nimba County, Liberia; boost access to dental care for children in Vietnam; strengthen local capacity to improve maternal and infant health outcomes in Peru; support surgical care and education for physicians and nurses in Haiti; reduce mortality rates among infants and mothers in Kenya; increase access to burn care in India and Nepal; train local medical staff in pediatric cardiology surgical practices in Nicaragua; and reduce negative youth behaviors and school dropout rates in the United States.

“Today, children face a range of health problems, from malnutrition to malaria, to HIV/AIDS, to surgical conditions and physiological issues stemming from peer pressure or abuse. While the barriers and problems vary by region, one thing remains clear: the need to help vulnerable children and create lasting change for them must continue to be a priority for those who can afford to help,” said Alan A. Harris, professor of medicine at Rush University Medical Center and RMHC board member. “RMHC grants help families by moving donation dollars quickly through to programs serving children around the world.”

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