Recently, the 42nd Annual World Economic Forum took place in Davos, Switzerland, under the theme The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models. The record participation indicated the international community’s level of concern for the world today, as one crisis after another emerges. Global business leaders and heads of state, focused on improving the state of the world, acknowledged that our current financial systems need a redesign, and that to survive, companies must constantly reinvent themselves and become socially responsible.

At the K.E.Y.S. Los Angeles economic summit March 21-25, Christian marketplace leaders will propose faith-based solutions to personal and global economic problems. The Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (K.E.Y.S.), hosted by Dr. Bruce Cook and David Wood, will assemble 111 world-class speakers who will present new economic models and cutting-edge strategies to empower individuals, businesses, churches and communities to create sustainable financial transformation.

Speakers will include wealth managers, financial advisors, experts in precious metal and commodity investments, a Fortune 100 corporate attorney, international business attorneys, a former NASA rocket scientist, senior executives at two major energy companies, successful entrepreneurs, numerous authors and leaders in film, entertainment and media. The complete list of speakers and their bios and photos is available at

K.E.Y.S. Los Angeles will take place at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott beginning at 7 pm March 21 and ending at 11:00 am March 25, 2012. Contact Dianne Bennett at 310-490-9913.


Patterned loosely after the World Economic Forum, but with a Christian focus and perspective, K.E.Y.S. Los Angeles/Hollywood will feature some 65 keynote speakers and 45 breakout speakers dealing with business, finance, economics, ethics, leadership, sales, marketing, international law, entrepreneurship, angel capital, operations, corporate strategy, philanthropy and charitable giving, wealth management, insurance and investing, organizational culture, business as missions, and faith and work.

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