The Boston Scientific Foundation has awarded a $20,000 grant to the Natick Service Council, funding the nonprofit organization’s case managers after a year that saw a significant rise in local demand for services.

In 2011, the Natick Service Council saw a 9 percent increase in demand for its food pantry, one year after an 8 percent increase. The case managers saw a 7.4 percent increase in their workload, helping Natick residents with mental health screening, bill assistance, transportation and wellness programming.

“(The grant) really funds three case managers that are the front end of the Natick Service Council,” executive director Greg Tutuny said. “They direct them to any programs we offer directly or anything we can advocate for in the community. It was a much-needed infusion of funding that really came in at a great time.”

Jacqueline Boas, the administrator of the Boston Scientific Foundation, said the Natick Service Counsel fits the profile of the kind of organization the local medical device-maker wants to help.

“We really saw the Natick Service Council providing a unique set of support and tools to local residents who need that kind of care,” Boas said. “They’re supporting the holistic needs of the person. The way we’re looking at this grant is that the case managers are providing comprehensive support to their clients, who really are our neighbors.”

Boas said the company’s charitable foundation started in 2001, and it focuses on the communities where Boston Scientific has a significant presence as an employer. That includes MetroWest, the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Spencer, Ind.; and in California. The foundation gives more than $1 million a year.

“Our grants are on an annual basis,” Boas said. “Then we step back, we look at the progress our support has made in the organization that year.”

Tutuny said while this is the first grant they’ve received from the Boston Scientific Foundation, the company’s local employees have long had a positive presence with the Natick Service Council.

“Boston Scientific in particular has been very generous to us, not only in the foundation, but quite often their employees come down to help out,” Tutuny said. “They go beyond just providing funding, they’re definitely hands-on. They’ve supported us for many years, and we’re sincerely grateful for everything they do for us.”

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