Recently, launched to more efficiently amplify the role of young people in creating positive social change.

“The new site will aggregate and coalesce youth-led movements around the world to share data and to collaborate more effectively. But it will also inspire new youth to become more involved in what matters to them,” Jeff Coates, strategic initiatives associate at Knight Foundation, said.

The video above explores Knight’s support for the site and shares what kinds of information it makes available to users. The interview also provides tips on how young people can draw inspiration from successful projects and provides resources that helps them replicate these projects in their own communities.

The video features key members of the team behind the site, including Jennifer Corriero, co-founder and executive director of TakingITGlobal, which hosts the site. Corriero describes how it allows young people to discover more about opportunities to get involved in issues that matter to them, both in their own communities and globally.

You’ll also hear insights into the role that technology plays in facilitating youth organized coalitions: “It provides opportunities for information to be synthesized faster and shared more quickly. The real value of this technology is the capacity to share inspiration and to connect it to more efficient models to do more with less,” says Sean Keith, operations manager TakingITGlobal.

Knight recently announced its support for, as part of its efforts to help  strengthen and celebrate youth leadership around the world.

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