The DC Bar Foundation announced today over $3 million in publicly-funded Access to Justice grants to support civil legal services for the poor and disadvantaged in the District of Columbia.  This is the sixth year the District of Columbia City Council has appropriated funding to expand legal services for the neediest in the District.  At the direction of the City Council, and pursuant to a Grant Agreement with the District of Columbia Office of Justice Grants Administration and Victim Services, the Bar Foundation lends its expertise to the District of Columbia, identifying, awarding, and monitoring the Access to Justice grants.  The FY2012 grants continue support for successful programs launched in 2007 to increase the number of lawyers working on housing issues and in underserved areas; fund the legal services Community Legal Interpreter Bank; and this year fund three new projects for lawyers to serve vulnerable communities in the District.  Grants include funding for a new project at Our Place, DC that will provide civil legal services to formerly incarcerated women, co-located with an Anacostia-based social services provider.

“The District’s Access to Justice funds have helped bring legal services – and lawyers – to the places and people where they are most needed.   Creative projects based in the courts, co-located with other services, and anchored in the communities of greatest need are helping make access to justice possible for the most vulnerable in our city.   The City Council’s leadership has helped effectively leverage private resources to bring much-needed help to expand access to justice throughout our community,” said Emilio W. Cividanes, President of the DC Bar Foundation, in announcing the awards.

A list of FY2012 Access to Justice projects and grantees is attached and also available on the Foundation’s website, http://www.dcbarfoundation.org.

Access to Justice Grant Recipients for Fiscal Year 2012

DC Bar Foundation

Community Legal Interpreter Bank – Ayuda



Child Support Court-Based Legal Services Project   – Bread for the City & Legal Aid Society of DC



Domestic Violence Community Legal Services* – Bread for the City



Domestic Violence Underserved Community Response* – Legal Aid Society of DC



DC Jail Access Project — University Legal Services



Generations Teen Parent Access Project – Children’s Law Center



Housing and Community Justice Project — Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center



Landlord-Tenant Court-Based Legal Services Project – Bread for the City & Legal Aid Society of DC



Landlord-Tenant Court Attorney of the Day Project Support — DC Law Students in Court




Neighborhood Expansion Project — Neighborhood Legal Services Program



Reentry Community Legal Services* – Our Place, DC



Project HELP –Legal Counsel for the Elderly



School Discipline Legal Services Project – Advocates for Justice and Education



Southeast Community Lawyering Project — Bread for the City



Southeast DC Health Access Project — Children’s Law Center



Southeast Legal Services Expansion – Whitman-Walker Health



Southeast Neighborhood Access Project — Legal Aid Society of DC


*Newly funded project

#   #   #

The DC Bar Foundation, a  501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1977 to provide a vehicle for members of the bar to contribute to legal services providers.  Since 1985, the Foundation has also administered the District of Columbia’s IOLTA program.

For more on grants and grant writing, visit Grant Pros.

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