California Community Foundation (CCF) has announced nearly $1.6 million in two-year grants to 16 nonprofit organizations working to improve transitional housing for foster youth, affordable housing policy and advocacy, health care and coverage for the uninsured, women’s health, parental engagement in public education, immigrant integration in public housing, and other vital concerns in Los Angeles County. Examples of funding include:

Quality and Affordable Health Care for Low-Income Individuals and Families

CCF is providing half a million dollars in general operating support for health centers and clinics to focus on women’s health, primary and mental health, and dental health. Funding will be used to improve access to high quality, affordable and culturally sensitive health care for residents across the county. For example, the American Indian Healing Center in Whittier will use its grant to provide primary and mental health care for urban Native Americans.

Affordable Housing and Service-enriched Programs for Special Needs Tenants

Nearly half a million dollars will go to policy and advocacy efforts at local and state-wide levels to expand affordable housing in L.A. Funding will also provide more specialized services, such as social and health, to current and incoming tenants of affordable housing properties in the county. West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation is among the nonprofits receiving funding.

Specialized Legal and Health Support for Foster Youth

Grants will be used to protect the legal rights as well as primary and mental health of youth in the foster care system. Organizations like California Youth Connection in Monterey Park and LeRoy Haynes Center for Children and Family Services in La Verne will also provide policy and advocacy support to improve the overall foster care system in L.A., in addition to transitional housing services.

California Community Foundation (CCF) is a public, charitable organization serving Los Angeles County in multiple capacities since 1915. It encourages philanthropy by individuals, families, companies and organizations, and serves as a steward of their charitable funds and legacies. It makes grants to nonprofits and collaborates in addressing the needs of vulnerable populations such as persons with disabilities. It actively engages in community problem solving with business, civic, government and other organizations. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook at

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