At a press conference held at COSI today, The Columbus Foundation was recognized by the Community Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC) for a $500,000 grant (over four years) to support the Scioto Greenways Project.

The Scioto Greenways Project calls for the removal of the Main Street Dam to support river restoration. The dam has significantly altered the natural channel of theSciotoRiverand impounds 2.3 miles of the river causing it to be over-widened.  It also inhibits the river from reaching its full potential as a warm-water habitat.

The environmental benefits of removing the dam and restoring the river will:

  • Recreate and restore a more natural channel of theSciotoRiver,
  • Have a positive impact on the aquatic habitat resulting in the river’s health and water quality, and
  • Eliminate another separation barrier that prevents native fish and mussel species from migrating upstream.

“The Scioto Greenways Project will have exponential environmental benefits to our community and result in a healthier, more vibrant downtown and river for our residents,” said Douglas F. Kridler, president and CEO of The Columbus Foundation. “Our collaboration with the CDDC will have longterm impact on downtown revitalization.”

Additional benefits of the Scioto Greenways plan will:

  • Create an additional 33 acres of green space downtown,
  • Enhance the economic development potential of the Franklinton Area/Scioto Peninsula,
  • Increase pedestrian and bikeway connections and recreational opportunities such as canoeing and kayaking, and
  • ConnectOhioStatewith downtown through a greenway corridor

The total cost of the Scioto Greenways Project is more than $35.5 million. The project expenses include river restoration (57 percent); developing park space (12 percent); utility work (11 percent); transportation (11 percent); site preparation (8 percent); and dam removal (1 percent).

The Columbus Foundation was one of the largest funders in the creation of the Community Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC) and the 2010 Downtown Columbus Strategic Plan. The plan was developed to define needs and opportunities, identify catalytic projects, and create policy and strategy recommendations to guide implementation of downtown revitalization efforts. A feasibility study was completed and the greenways project was identified by the public to be the top priority.


The Columbus Foundation is the trusted philanthropic advisor to nearly 2,000 individuals, families, businesses, and communities that have created unique funds to make a difference in the lives of others through the most effective philanthropy possible. Serving the region for 68 years, The Columbus Foundation is one of the ten largest community foundations in the United States today. The Foundation’s online resource, PowerPhilanthropy®, makes it possible for everyone to access valuable information about central Ohio nonprofits. For more information, visit or call 614/251-4000.

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