The Corning-Painted Post school district will receive a $5.3 million grant from the Corning Incorporated Foundation to help ease a large deficit as the district prepares its 2012-13 budget, officials announced Wednesday afternoon.

“On behalf of everyone in the District – from the Board of Education, faculty, staff, parents and most of all, our students – we thank the Foundation. This will address the immense financial challenges that put our very program at risk,” Ginalski said in a prepared statement. “We are grateful the Foundation believes in our mission, vision and core beliefs. This grant says a lot about the commitment of Corning Incorporated to this community and our children.”

“Foundation President Kristin Swain has been a long-time supporter of the District,” he said. “She truly believes in what we are doing and our direction. Her support has been integral in helping bring a quality education program to our students for many years.”

Swain gave the following statement:

“The Corning Incorp-orated Foundation is very pleased to continue working with the Corning-Painted Post School District to ensure the best possible educational opportunities will be offered to area students without interruption.”

“We recognize that the District continues to face a challenging funding environment and that taxpayers face ever-increasing costs. The Foundation’s grant represents a renewed investment in the future of our children as they prepare to move into today’s global economy.”

The $5.3 million will be directed toward secondary education, meaning grades 6-12, Swain said.

“Our work with the district for the past 10 years really has been focused at the secondary level,” she said.

The grant will likely save 120 jobs in the district, including 55 teachers, Ginalski said at Wednesday’s school board meeting, where an announcement of the grant drew a loud round of applause in a crowded meeting room.

C-PP has been projecting a budget gap of more than $10 million.

District officials recently learned they would be receiving an extra $675,000 above what they’d been projecting in state aid, as part of the state budget adopted last week in Albany. Also, the C-PP school board is considering using about $500,000 from the district’s reserve funds.

However, even with the additional revenue plus the $5.3 million grant, the district still faces a budget deficit of $5.45 million, which could mean cutting the equivalent of 93.5 full-time positions. About a dozen other positions may be reduced. The top administrators have already agreed to take pay cuts.

Right now C-PP is looking at an $87.6 million spending plan for 2012-13.

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