Education Pioneers, a national nonprofit that attracts, prepares and connects talented leaders and managers to accelerate excellence in education, announced today that it has received a three-year, $2.1 million investment from the Walton Family Foundation.

The Walton Family Foundation grant will support Education Pioneers’ work to attract and prepare 300 new leaders through its flagship Graduate School Fellowship to transform education and increase opportunities for thousands of underserved students and their families.

“Our investments are driven by the benefits of empowering parents with publicly funded educational choices and providing access to high-quality schools for their children,” said Ed Kirby,Senior Program Officer for the Walton Family Foundation’s K-12 Education Reform Focus Area. “We support Education Pioneers in their efforts to attract and develop top leadership and management talent, which is integral to expanding educational options for parents, particularly in low-income communities, and transforming public education in our country.”

Additionally, with this investment, the Walton Family Foundation has become a lead partner to accelerate Education Pioneers’ long-term impact in education by advancing new work to launch Education Pioneers’ 1,200 Fellowship alumni into full-time leadership and management roles where they can drive the most impact for students.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Walton Family Foundation to advance our work to transform the education sector through much needed leadership and management talent,” said Scott Morgan, Founder and CEO of Education Pioneers. “The Foundation’s investment will enable us to bring 300 more talented leaders into education and advance our shared goal to provide all students with a high-quality education.”

Founded in 2003, Education Pioneers has introduced more than 1,200 leaders into education to make immediate impacts during Education Pioneers’ leadership development Fellowships, and has supported them to launch high-impact careers in the sector.  Over the next three years, Education Pioneers plans to double the size of its Fellowship programs and attract and develop over 1,500 new leaders and managers to transform the education sector.


About the Walton Family Foundation

Driven by the urgent need to dramatically raise student achievement, particularly in low-income neighborhoods, the Walton Family Foundation has invested more than $1 billion to date to initiatives that expand parental choice and equal opportunity in education. Empowering parents to choose quality schools, regardless of type – traditional public, private or public charter school – will help spur the bold transformation of our national K-12 system of public education. Our nation’s children will only reach their potential in today’s global economy by having access to a high-quality, publicly-funded education.

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About Education Pioneers

Education Pioneers mobilizes and prepares a national network of talented leaders and managers to accelerate excellence in education and transform our education system into one that equips all students with the skills they need to thrive in college, career, and life. Through the organization’s Fellowship and Alumni programs, Education Pioneers increases the talent supply of top leaders in education to improve the leadership capacity in key education organizations – such as school districts, charter school organizations, and nonprofits – and to advance our goal to make education the best led and managed sector in the U.S. economy.

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