This morning, Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter and other OIN leaders joined the leadership of The American Revolution Center in Washington, D.C. to announce a $10 million gift from the Oneidas to the Center in accordance with the Center’s $40 million Lenfest challenge announced last month.

The gift according to an OIN press release was “made in part to recognize the little known, but extraordinary role the Oneidas played in the Revolutionary War.” It also puts the center a quarter of the way to it’s goal to construct The Museum of the American Revolution.

During America’s War for Independence the hardships and lost lives the colonists endured was shared by the Oneidas who fought in support of them.

“The contributions and tremendous sacrifices of the Oneida people as America’s first ally in the Revolutionary War, resulted in an ongoing friendship and treaty relationship between the Oneida Nation and the United States for more than two centuries” Halbritter said at the presentation. “Our commitment to the American Revolution Center furthers that friendship and ensures that the resilience displayed together by America’s founding fathers and the Oneida people continue to serve as inspiration to everyone who wishes to understand the shared history of the Oneida Nation and America.”

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